“ I’m an exchange student of Taiwan Shou Fu University. I have been studying in JSU for 7 month now. It is my great honor to be part of this school. I have the most valuable study experience in here.
My major is business administration. The department is excellent and our chairman Dr Granger, gave me a lot valuable advice throughout the entire semester. He taught me how to get used to the different teaching styles here. My instructors are very helpful. They taught me how to study more efficiently. My English has improved a lot since I came here.
Not only I learned a lot at JSU, I also made a lot of friends. They helped me with my study and introduced American culture to me. It is really nice to have friends in a foreign country. 
In conclusion, I am so glad that I have the opportunity to participate in this exchange program and to be part of the Tiger’s family. I truly appreciate this life changing experience.” 

Chung-Wei Wei
Exchange student, 2010-2011