目的地: 密西西比的布兰登, 一个城外有着优美田园风光且可以自己做南瓜灯的地方

Destination:  Brandon, MS.

时间: 2011年10月29号 下午2点—晚上10 点

Time: 2 – 10 pm on Oct. 29 2011


Transportation: Sarah’s van

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Today is definitely an excellent antidote for our busy and stressful lives as well as a good preparation for the Halloween party on Monday. After all we have made our lovely lanterns tonight and experienced the atmosphere of Halloween at corn maze. Besides, the beautiful scenery of farm with pleasant breeze has made us afresh.


Going straight

 下午两点,我们准时从杰克逊出发了,一群国际学生,韩国,印度,尼泊尔,柬埔寨,土耳其,台湾和中国大陆的我们。当然,我们一向和尼泊尔和柬埔寨来的那两位比较好,好到很多话题一起聊,学各种语言,去各种地方,疯狂于照相,总爱一起大声笑。我们把这个现象很大一部分归因于,我们都是亚洲来的!路上,透过窗外,伴着在阳光下折射的对面的世界,划过无数个十字街头,与无数张车辆擦肩而过,我们,亦一路向北,前进。这或许是我们一直在心中所信奉的信仰,为目标而前进,不因美丽的风景而驻留。可是生命是一个过程不是一个结果,所以往往到达了那个目的地之后,怀念的却是一路经历的风景。这让我想起大二口语期末考时,Matthrew 问我的一个问题。他说现在大二即将结束了,在这学期我中我最怀念什么,我立马说不是专四,不是高分,不是表扬,而是和大家一起合作,做presentation的日子。他笑 了,我也笑了,因为我们的答案正巧一样。或者说,很多人的答案都碰巧一样。一路向北前进,旅途收获也同行在路上。

We just start off from Jackson at 2 pm, with groups of international students, coming from Korea, India, Nepal, Cambodia, Turkey, Taiwan and mainland China. Actually we get to be close with the Nepal and the Cambodian probably because we are passionate in the same things. Besides we all come from Asia so that we are gifted in learning each other’s languages. Anytime we are together, there will be full of laughs and smiles and pictures! It is enjoyable to appreciate the moving scenery through the window in the sun, and most of time there will be so many cars and crosses passing by that we just can have a look at it but cannot stop by because we have to drive straight to our destination. The same thing applies to our lives in which we set up goals and fight for it and get it. The truth, however, is we will bear the process in our mind rather than the product because the most valuable things usually happen within our efforts when we are doing it. I jog my memory about a man by thinking in that way. When I was interviewed in the end of my oral class at the last semester, Matthew asked me what impressed me most in this semester, was it the TEM 4? I said it was the every night I was working my groups to prepare the presentation of class, instead of the test or the perfect grade. Then he smiled, me too, and I know he just had the same answer as I do. Or I could say many people will have the same answer as we do, because we are pursuing the nature of life which just lies at the process of life.


We have a visit to the farm after we have arrived at Brandon, and we lost in the beauty of there.

我们很多人坐在一张装满稻草的大卡车里,被载着一路前行。期间,我们停留看了羊群,而且亲手抚摸了刚四个月大的小羊,它的可爱,让我们沉浸在最慧心的笑容里。后来我们停留看了美丽的湖泊,水的灵性让今天透彻的蓝天和碎心的绿景增加了生命律动的气息。最后我们停在一片向日葵的花海当中。向日葵在对我们微笑,我们对蓝天微笑,蓝天让阳光对向日葵微笑,我们跳跃,我们欢呼,我们希望我们身体中的每一个细胞都有着出像向日葵一样激情的脉络,至深,至动。 后来我们可以即将自己做的南瓜灯挑选南瓜,在一片稻草衬托下的南瓜海洋里,又一次遗失了心的归属。因为太美,所以无从归依。因为豁达,所以无惧归依。
We get on a large red van with many soft straws at the bottom and go straight. The first stop is the sheep’s home where we see a lovely four-month-old sheep. It is so cute that we all want to touch it and take picture with it. Then the second stop is the lake which adds the color of nature as a colorful pencil. But the most memorable stop is the ocean of sunflowers and pumpkins. It is seems that the flowers are all smiling to us with endless vigor, and we raise our heads to the sky, praying we can memorize there as long as we can. Later we can pick up any pumpkin we want to make our own lanterns. Finally, we lost in the smiles of everything in the breeze.

Then we drive back.


Lantern is lighting


We made the lanterns ourselves after we come back. First of all, we should take the top of pumpkin off as a circle then put the seeds off. And for a while, there are various kinds of expressions of lanterns coming into being, such as the scary one, or the fatty one or the smiling one. Moreover Evon finds out the lantern will be light only if we put it under the shadow of tenant by the reflecting sun light. We made it, happy and excited. Sometimes I have to admit it is easy to feel the real happiness especially with our dear friends.



At night, we have a trip in the corn maze with a lighter. We are so scared at first because of darkness and wired noise, but later we are busy in taking pictures and looking for the noise of other teams as way of going out. Though it is cold in such a freezing night, but we are warm at least in our hearts.


最后,我们去sarah一个朋友家吃了晚饭。她们家很可爱,有一个很漂亮的小宝宝。但我们是在家外,生火烤热狗吃的。我们一群人,围绕着篝火,烤面包,考热狗,最重要的是我们烤棉花糖!这绝对是一个新吃法,烤熟的棉花糖和开袋即吃的味道不一样,最好的水平就是考到棉花糖刚要化却又没有的时候,亲亲吃一个,软绵绵的甜味融化在嘴里,弥漫幸福啊。 后来还遇到了几个化妆的人,有一个装talor swift, 有一个装胖子,有一个装带着翅膀的天使。都很漂亮。我们在篝火的温暖中,结束了这个快乐的周六。

At the end of this day, we have a dinner at one of Sarah’s friend. Her house is so adorable maybe because of her little and cute baby. And we have a hot dog roast outside but the most impressive one is the roasted candyfloss, which is definitely new to Chinese people, and of course it tastes different when roasted. Then we see some beautiful costumes, such as the cute dress of Talor Swift and the white wings of an angle.




The most favorite part for me today is the happy hour I am with those sweet friends. They makes us feel relaxed and pleasant after we have worked hard for five days. Who knows what tomorrow will be, at least we are happy today and our hearts are free today. The wide forests, the green grass, the silent and beautiful lakes and the light blue sky just make sense when I with you, with everyone at JSU.


However, the real Halloween is going to be at Monday night when we will be gathering at Mei-Chi’s house. Look forward to it.


Love this beautiful night, when the lanterns is lighting beside me, beside us.

The thing that goes the farthest toward making life worthwhile, that costs the least and does the most, is just a pleasant smile. 那最能赋予生命价值、代价最廉而回报最多的东西,不过一个令人心畅的微笑而已。

author: joy yang



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